Software Downloads

What is the purpose of this information?

To provide the requirements and steps for downloading Bentley applications. For some accounts, one person may have all of the following roles:


Step 1: Go to the software site

Navigate to the CONNECT Center (, scroll to the bottom to reveal My Services and select the Software Downloads option therein.

Step 2: Find the product you need

There are 3 options to find what you need

Step 3: Download and install the product

1. Click on the Product icon/tile to open Product page. The latest version (in your language if available) is listed by default

2. Click Download to obtain the installation set.  If not the results you expected, try just the Product name (and maybe the language) and toggle all the other filters to -Select-

*Please note: Only versions complying with Bentley Support Policy are available for download. 


Please file a Service Request if you have any issues.


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