Graphic display of survey cogo points in dwg is incorrect in OpenRoads/Rail/Site Designer

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Survey, DWG
Original Author:Marcus Blake, Bentley Technical Support Group


When I open or attach a dwg as a reference the cogo points display as boxed graphics and do not have the elevation labels. How can I resolve this?


This is often the case if the right object enabler (OE) is not installed on your computer. A quick way to tell if this is indeed the issue is if you hover over the graphic and observe the property. Below, for instance, you can see this cell is an ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY.

To determine which OE needs to be installed, key-in version then hit enter.

This means the user will need to install the 2023 object enabler. Alternatively you can open the product help, go to "What's New" then observe the Power Platform version that coincides the the civil product.

then refer to this article ( )to see which dwg/dxf file formats are supported then install the latest object enabler.