Best Practice for ProjectWise Managed Workspace Creation

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: WorkSpace Development
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group

This wiki links together several wikis to follow to properly get a workspace setup in ProjectWise. The following steps are benchmarks you need to follow. Once you successfully complete one, move to the next. Do not skip a step.

  1. Have a fully operable workspace and workset that is set up locally on your computer. Make sure it is working seamlessly, exactly how you want it.
  2. Upload the complete Workspace to ProjectWise and follow the videos on how to get the CSBs to load the CFGs: Video: How-To Deploy a Dynamic ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace - OpenRoads | OpenSite Wiki - OpenRoads | OpenSite - Bentley Communities
    1. If your worksets (projects) are located outside of the standard Configuration folder structure, you will need to also watch this video to do additional configurations to get it to load the workset: Video: How to Configure Projects (or WorkSets) outside of the Managed WorkSpace in ProjectWise - OpenRoads | OpenSite Wiki - OpenRoads | OpenSite - Bentley Communities.
  3. Test and confirm this setup is successful by creating a new dgn from seed. Open it through ProjectWise. Confirm dgnlibs are loaded through the OpenRoads Standards within Explorer and go to File > Settings > Configuration > About Configuration to make sure your cfgs are being read.
  4. Now that you know you have a functioning workspace/workset you can then work through how to create a new workset (project) within PW. Follow this video: Video: How to create a new Project/WorkSet within ProjectWise - OpenRoads | OpenSite Wiki - OpenRoads | OpenSite - Bentley Communities.