Video: How to create a new Project/WorkSet within ProjectWise

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: ProjectWise Integration
Original Author: Holly Herring

This video demonstrates how to create a new project or WorkSet for use in the ProjectWise environment. There's a little more that needs to be done than a copy/paste/rename. OpenRoads Designer needs to create the dgnws so that it can burn the name of the project inside of it. This workflow shows a simple process to do this.

Workflow Overview:

  1. Copy/Paste a template Folder/CFG for the new project.
  2. Upgrade the Folder to a Work Area.
  3. Make sure the workspace points _USTN_WORKSETDGNWSTEMPLATE to the WorkSetTemplate.dgnws
  4. Create a new dgn under the project folder.
  5. Open dgn to automatically create the dgnws.
  6. Your project is now ready for use!