Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: References


After updating to a more recent version, why isn't my Attachment Properties dialog showing up when attaching a reference?

The 'Interactive' method is what needs to be used if you want to see the Attachment Properties dialog when attaching references. To do this, do NOT assign a value to AttachMethod under the MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS variable because the default method is 'Interactive'.

A change was made in the 10.17 platform version that made MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS honor whenever 'CoincidentWorld' is set for the AttachMethod. Many WorkSpaces were already configured with 'CoincidentWorld' even though it was previously only working when 'World' was set. As a result, the variable was acting as if the AttachMethod wasn't set at all, which defaults to the 'Interactive' method.

The pictures below illustrate what was happening before the 10.17 platform update.