How to resolve disappearing cells in a Survey dgn

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Survey



My cells in my survey file are disappearing. I'm noticing issues with them and have narrowed it down to the cells in my dgn that are shared cells. How do I resolve this?


To resolve this, lets get rid of the Shared Cells and convert them to a cell within a .cel file:

  1. Export the shared cells to a .cel file
  2. Delete the shared cells in the dgn
  3. Open the .cel file and make any changes to the cells that were exported.
  4. Open the Element Templates that use these shared cells and pointed them to a cell that is not a shared cell.
  5. Compress the dgn to delete the names of the shared cells from the dgn.
  6. Reattach the modified .cel file.
  7. Point the Element Templates to the correct cell from the .cel file
  8. The survey will automatically redraw and the cells will appear