Drainage and Utilities - Validation Error - 100 Inlet License limit

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Drainage and Utilities



When I try to run the Validate option to validate the model prior to running Drainage Computation, I am met with a pop up message.  

"Drainage and Utilities Problem: One or more validation errors or warning were found. Please refer to the User Notification panel for validation messages."  

When you look in the Message Center, you will see an error which says: 

"The Scenario has XXX active inlets, but you only have a 100 inlet license.  You can choose a different license by using the Feature Level Selector."



OpenRoads Designer comes with the ability to design and compute small networks.  Networks which contain over 100 inlets or pipes is considered to be a large network.  In order to Validate or Compute these larger networks, you must utilize an additional HAESTAD license within OpenRoads Designer. 

If you are met with this error message, you can activate the StormCAD Unlimited license in the active session of OpenRoads Designer by going to Drainage and Utilities > Tools > License Activation > StormCAD Unlimited.  Once this license is activated for the session of ORD, you will be able to Validate the large network and run computations.