Video: Changing View Settings for Drawing Models

                   Product(s):OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer
Area:Drawing Production


When I change settings in my design model, those changes are not reflected in my drawing model.


In the current versions of OpenRoads and MicroStation, the model that controls the settings of a drawing model can change.  When your drawing model seeds are set up to use the "Synchronize View = Settings from Design Model" setting, the "Default" design model will initially control the view settings in the drawing model.  However, once a "Multi-Model Views" named view group is added to the file, the Settings from Design Model now looks to the Multi-Model Views view group for the view settings.

The video below demonstrates this behavior, and highlights 3 recommendations for creating plan sheets:
1.) Always use a "Container" file to create sheets
2.) Keep the Default design model as the model displayed in View 1
3.) In the Container file, do not create any additional Named View Groups.  Instead, be in the habit of using "Multi-Model Views" when switching back and forth between the drawing model and design model.

(Note: The video below primarily discusses the use of the Settings from Design Model for plan drawings.  For Cross Sections, the user will want to set View 1 to the 3D model, as discussed in this video: Video: Using Settings from Design Model option for Cross Sections)