Circular Component - Stroke value for mesh creation

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Corridor Modeling
Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group



After creating a Circle Component in a template, I want to control the stroking or amount of points which are created around the circle when the mesh is created.  Where is this adjusted?


Go to File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables.

Create a new variable called CIVIL_CIRCLE_MESH_STROKE_NUMBER and input a value for the number of stroked points you want around the entire circle.  The default (hard-coded) stroke value is 16, which means there will be 16 points created as 4 equal points in each quadrant of the circle.  By changing this value, it will increase (or decrease) the processing time if you increase the number of stroked points along the circle as there is more information to be generated and more linear features will be created.

Refer to this video on creating the Circular Component when creating and editing a template.

Video: Circular Component