System requirements while collaborating on a cloud-hosted 4D project

To ensure best user experience while collaborating on a cloud-hosted 4D project, the following recommended system requirements need to be met:

Performance: SYNCHRO 4D Pro and the SYNCHRO Control is a client-server architecture with SYNCHRO Control as the central point. Changes (transactions) to the cloud-hosted project in SYNCHRO Control come from a connected client which is uploaded to the database and then redistributed to other connected clients on a first come first serve basis, for this reason performance of the client network is important.

Network: Network is a big factor for transmission of large data. 

Data Center Location: While setting up the project in SYNCHRO Control in the cloud, SYNCHRO Control Project Region (Data Center Location), that the nearest to the majorty of client users should be chosen to minimize latency. 

Recommended system requirements for client (SYNCHRO 4D Pro, OpenViewer and Scheduler) can be found here.