Preparing data in SYNCHRO 4D Pro for Resource Status updates in SYNCHRO Field

  1. Create Resource group
  2. Add resources to Resource group
  3. Make sure task is directly linked to resource. Currently only Resource - Task assignments are supported. Resource Groups - Task assignments are NOT supported for status update in Field. 
  4. Create Human Resource for user who will perform resource status updates in SYNCHRO Field
  5. Add email for created Human resource in Resource properties. Use the same email that will be used to log-in in SYNCHRO Field to perform resource status updates
  6. Pick Human resource in Resource group Personnel section in Resource group properties
  7. Assign Resource Status Set to Resources (that have been associated with Resource Groups) - assigning Resource Status Set to Resources: Before VS After
    1. assigning Resource Status Set to Resources (optional through Resource Groups)
    2. After Status Set is assigned to the Resources (optional through Resource Groups)
  8. Open SYNCHRO Field and log in
  9. Open the same SYNCHRO Control project
  10. Go to Models and download iModel
  11. Select Status Update from menu
  12. Select task
  13. Click Update for selected task. Available statuses are listed, all resources are selected by default. Select status tile to report status update for all selected resources or select single or multiple resources and report status.   
  14. Go back to Home page and click Sync icon -> Sync all status updates when internet connection is available

NOTE: it is also possible to skip assignments to Resouce Groups. In this case tasks will be shown as no assigned in SYNCHRO Field and will require to be found manually in the list.

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