Design change management

Design change management

Design change management allows you to visually see which design elements were added, modified, or removed in the new design version.

Filters provide the ability to quickly find out elements with assigned construction data like cost code assignment, calculated quantities, and slices that are affected by the design change.

Quantities could be recalculated manually or automatically.

Named versions need to be created in Control to use Design change management. The recommendation is to create a Named version after each design change. Design change management compares the latest change set with the selected Named version.     


  1. Go to SYNCHRO Control > Administration > Manage Model > Edit > View Changes and Named versions

  2. Under Change history tab, click on the Flag icon at a specific transaction to save the state of the iModel up till that point as a Named version -

  3. You can get a list of all Named versions from here - 

  4. Next, go to the iModel Hub through  - 

  5. Selec the iModel that has the Named versions created - 

  6. Enable version comparison from here - 

    Note: 'Enable' button is only visible if there is at least one existing Named version.Once the Enable button is click, the button will disappear. 


Please contact  if the enable button still not appear event the iModel have a Named Version and the comparison is still not enabled.



Compare in Modeler

Select Design Change Management from the Backstage Menu

Select the version you want to Compare the current(latest) model with - 

Video -

Property values that were changed could be reviewed and the user could see values of compared design version and the current version. Select a modified element in the 'Changed elements' widget and click 'Review quantities and properties' to compare these values.  



Cost Code Configuration Comparison

User can change and replace the Cost Code Configuration, and SYNCHRO can do cost code configuration comparison.


Under Quantity Take-Off View, open the Assignments Panel.

Existing assignments that were affected by changed cost code configuration could be easily reviewed by selecting configuration change date to compare with existing configuration. Once configuration date is selected in Assignments grid, existing assignments are filtered and only affected assignments are shown.


Also, there is Change Log that will show the Cost Code Configuration history change.

It has New work step, Removed work step, Updated project variable, etc.