3D View

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Is there a way to automatically subdivide 3D Objects based on Grids or Levels?

How do I import Grids and Level lines into SYNCHRO Pro?

When I try selecting a 3D Objects through mouse left-click, it doesn't always select the object and/or shifts the geometry if selected.

Is it possible to show a Dynamic Legend that only displays colors active in the 3D View?

How can I make a 3D Object transparent in the 3D View?

How do I hide separation lines showing between different 3D Objects on the same plane in the animation?

How do I change the order of Legend?

When I select any Task, why are all the Resources assigned to it are being automatically selected?

Why is the 3D Object disappearing when I subdivide it into multiple splits?

When I use Ctrl+G to create a Resource Group, why is there no window asking to enter the name anymore, but assigned a default name instead?