Differences between SYNCHRO 4D and SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP)

Working on a cloud-hosted 4D collaboration project is like working with SYNCHRO Workgroup Project in previous versions. However, there are several differences and a few known issues as documented below:

  1. No distinct users

Although a user’s credentials are checked and only the correct permissions are used, there are no distinct users within 4D Pro. This means that when multiple users are connected to a single Control project, there is no way to differentiate who performed what work. This has the following implications:

  1. Updates to users, roles, and permissions

    • Users, roles, and permissions for 4D collaboration projects are now managed on the web in SYNCHRO Control rather than directly in SYNCHRO 4D Pro. The Users and Roles windows are disabled in SYNCHRO 4D Pro when a user is connected to a Control project.
    • Users, roles, and permissions will continue to be managed in SYNCHRO 4D Pro when working on a stand-alone private project (.sp) that will be passed back and forth with others for editing or viewing in SYNCHRO 4D Pro, OpenViewer, or Scheduler.
    • The permissions in Control have been simplified to make them easier to understand. Conditional permissions based on SYNCHRO Companies (e.g. Read/Write Where User is Supplier) are no longer supported.
    • The Save As>Private Project (.sp) feature is now limited to users with Administrator privileges (Yes for Setup 4D Project and Administrate iModel, plus ReadWrite for all 4D Scheduling permissions). Files saved this way will have Administrator username and no password, unless the Control project was seeded from an initial SP file containing users.

  2. Integrations

    • SYNCHRO Site is replaced by SYNCHRO Field with similar functionality and improved user experience.
    • For the 2020 (6.3) release, there is no export to PowerBI or SQL. This is planned to be implemented soon.
    • There is no longer a connection to SYNCHRO XR Hololens. Users who wish to use SYNCHRO XR should use SYNCHRO Pro v6.1 or v6.2 with SWP 
  1. No local cache

    • Project data is not cached locally. This means that even when you re-open a project that you have worked on recently, the entire project will be downloaded rather than just the latest transactions which may result in slightly longer wait times to open projects compared to SWP.
    • Presentation data is not cached locally. When you reopen a project that you have worked on recently, the presentation settings such as column customization and applied filters will not be remembered. Therefore, it is highly recommended to save Layouts for your preferred presentation settings to return to quickly when you next open the project.

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