Setting up a 4D Project in SYNCHRO Control

Whether you are starting completely from scratch on a new SYNCHRO project, are starting to collaborate for the first time on an existing private project (.sp file), or are upgrading an existing collaboration project from SWP to SYNCHRO Control, you will need to start by registering a new Control project

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email address
  3. Select Register a project from the top right corner.

    NOTE: Register a demo project will create a demo project which will be automatically deleted after 30 days. If you do not see the Register a project button, please contact someone within your own organization who has either Account Administrator or Co-Administrator permissions. There is no way for Bentley to see which users within another organization are assigned these roles, so check with your IT department and/or ProjectWise administrators. To create a SYNCHRO Control project, the user needs to be assigned an IMS administrative role, which is managed through the IMS User Management page ( Please note that a user needs to already be an administrator to even see this page, otherwise they will be denied access. The administrative roles that grant a user permissions to create and delete projects are:

    • Account Administrator
    • Co-Administrator
    • CONNECT Services Admin

    You can see more details about these roles on the Bentley Cloud and Web Services Wiki. Generally, we recommend giving users the CONNECT Services Admin role because the other Administrator roles are more for user administration than project administration.

  4. After pressing Register a project, enter the project details and select Next
    1. Data Center Location – pick the location closest to where the majority of your users will be working
    2. Project Location – Optionally type in a name for the project location and/or press the + button to define the project boundaries on a map. Defining the location on a map will add the map as project context when viewing the model in Control

  5. Check the box for the Standard Construction Template. The template defines default roles, forms and a folder structure for files. If your organization has set up custom templates, you can switch to the Organization project template list from the drop-down menu. Then, select Next

  6. Select Register

  7. It may take a few minutes for the template to be copied to the new project. When complete, select Done.
  8. After registering a project, the next step is to add yourself to the project. This is important – you must add yourself to the project or you will not be able to open it from 4D Pro. To do this, select Administration from the bottom left corner, then select Manage your team

  9. Select the Add Users button and type your email address
  10. Select Admin for the Role and press Save


After adding yourself as a project member, next you will add an iModel to the project. The exact steps of the adding the iModel will depend on whether you:

A. Have an existing private project (.sp file)

B. Have an existing Workgroup project (SWP)

C. Are starting a new project and want to use the 3D importers in SYNCHRO 4D Pro

D. Are starting a new project and want to use iModel Connections

If you are starting a new project: to understand the differences between using the 3D importers in SYNCHRO 4D Pro and using iModel connections and choose the best option for your project see Choosing between SYNCHRO 4D Pro importers and iModel data connections for adding 3D models