SYNCHRO ProSYNCHRO 4D Pro - 4D Virtual Construction Scheduling and Simulation Technology

SYNCHRO 4D Pro is an advanced software tool to plan, schedule, and manage construction projects in a 4D environment.

Scheduling and planning is critical to safe, efficient, high quality construction. While using 4D, the computer becomes a practice field where sequences, safety, special relationships and more can be viewed and discussed continuously before and throughout the project lifetime. Because SYNCHRO Pro links 3D Resources (human, material, equipment, and space) to the associated schedule tasks, making changes and comparing baselines to alternatives is quick and easy.

Testing sequencing and running "What-if" scenarios is highly efficient and engaging. Communications are crystal clear, because you can see each step in the process. Cooperative knowledge sharing creates innovation and unique approaches that build competitive advantage. The result is an efficient, reliable and safe project delivery process that saves time and money. SYNCHRO Pro integrates with Oracle Primavera and other scheduling software but it is a stand-alone CPM scheduling tool and does not depend on importing schedules from legacy software. Whether you like to see the schedule through the model or see the model through the schedule, the ability to visualize your plan while maintaining its integrity allows project delivery performance to consistently and reliably exceed today's performance standards in an immediate and dramatic way.

For further information, please refer to the SYNCHRO Pro web page.

How is SYNCHRO 4D Pro different than SYNCHRO Pro?

Powered by iTwin technologies, SYNCHRO 4D Pro expands the capabilities of Synchro Pro beyond traditional model file imports. Our cloud-based solution makes it easier to collaborate across all projects.

 The 4D visa includes

 Beyond the improved capabilities, SYNCHRO 4D also offers the following cost benefits:

Meanwhile, SYNCHRO Pro (v6.3) continues as the 4D market leading desktop application for standalone and file-based 4D Planning, Scheduling and Visualization. Iray can be added at extra cost. It does not include real-time collaboration and cannot import iModel 2.0 (still supports import of .i.dgn files). As of 6.3, SYNCHRO Pro is completely stand-alone and does not connect to SWP, SIte or XR, nor can it connect to Control or Field.