Learning Resources

Join your fellow users in championing 4D execution by exploring many resources we have available. 

Self-learning Resources

  1. Self-paced Tutorials

    Self-paced tutorial files are available for download from the links below:
    1. SYNCHRO 4D Pro
    2. SYNCHRO OpenViewer
    3. SYNCHRO Scheduler
  2. Bentley LEARN

    Access Bentley LEARN for all your online, self-directed SYNCHRO training needs. New courses are added regularly. 

  3. For Existing Virtuosity subscribers  

    Existing Virtuosity subscribers receive 5 Virtuoso-Keys per each license which they can extend for:
    1. Pre-recorded Virtuosity OnDemand training:
      1. Automation in SYNCHRO 4D: Formula & Auto-matching
      2. Interoperability in SYNCHRO 4D
      3. SYNCHRO 4D Pro: 5D Calculations
      4. Equipment Movements and Advanced Animation 
      5. Learn to Use SYNCHRO Script
      6. SYNCHRO 4D Pro for Experienced Users
      7. Communicate from Site to Office through SYNCHRO Field
      8. Starting with SYNCHRO Control
      9. SYNCHRO 4D Pro Fundamentals: Starter Pack Vol 1
    2. 1:1 personalized live training 

      To extend your Keys, contact your product Success Manager or reach out via Chat-Box on Virtuosity - Bentley Software Licenses and Customized Product Training

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

There are two types of instructor-led training that we offer:

SYNCHRO Quick Start Training Sessions (Live)

Regularly scheduled Quick Start Training sessions with our SYNCHRO SMEs are held for SYNCHRO 4D and SYNCHRO Control. You can learn more and register at Bentley Learn

Other resources


Visit SYNCHRO's YouTube channel to explore numerous playlists available to the public:


Contact SYNCHRO team for more information about SYNCHRO's training offerings and learning resources.