Is It Possible to Combine Point Cloud Classification Files

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Problem Description

Is it possible to combine classification files to the same POD file? For Example: I have created a classification in Descartes, which creates a *.classif file. When I export to a new POD, it does include the classification I created. Separate from that (using same DGN and POD), I created a second classification that does not include the first (created a different *.classif), but now I want both in the same exported POD. I thought that if add that new *.classif file to the same folder as the newly export POD file (which shows the first classification), the second classification would show up - but it doesn't. Note: The second classification does show up if I use it with the original POD. But if I try to use it with the newly exported POD that shows the first classification, the second no longer works? I guess my question is.....Is it possible to combine two different classification files to the same DGN and POD?

Steps to Resolve


There cannot be two .classif files associated to the same pod file. And, yes the “All Filters” setting is meant to be used to export two or more pod files that each has their own edited classification to a single pod file.

The point cloud export does not create .classif files. Those files are only created when using the “Edit Classification” tool. When a point cloud that has an associated .classif file is exported, the classification from the .classif file is applied to the output pod file.


In Descartes SS5 (, we added the possibility to export “All Filters” (i.e. all .classif files) when more than one point cloud is being exported.