Heating and Chilled water - Excessive pressure drop

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer


Excessive pressure drops can occasionally be seen on Heating and Chilled Water networks, especially where emitters have large outputs.


When an emitter is placed on the network it is automatically provided with a set of valves. By default, these valves are 'radiator' style valves and may not be suitable for larger emitters.

If you are experiencing large pressure drops in final pipe sections then you may find that removing or modifying the default emitter valves will help to more accurately represent the system you are modeling.

To modify valves attached to an emitter, you should select the Emitters menu, then Change Valves, and then click on the emitter you wish to modify.

Once your emitter is selected, you can change the valve types or even remove them entirely, as in this example.