Pipe connection tool

The pipe connection tool can be used to connect multiple pipes together so that the center line of each pipe intersect. The pipe connection also adjust automatically the length of the pipes so that the endpoint of the pipes are located at the intersection of the centerline. The pipe connection also modified the radius of the pipes so that all the connected pipes have the same radius.

The pipe connection tool can also automatically create elbow.

Here is a short video demonstrating the connection of multiple pipe forming a piperun.

Usability Tip : The pipe connection tool can also be used to connect other objects, not just pipes. The only restriction is that the objects to connect are cylinders.

Usability Tip : The Pipe connection tool can work even with no point cloud.  

Perfomance Tip : Use the Geometry optimization criteria for the fastest connection possible.

Performance Tip : If the point cloud representing the pipe to connect is available you can use the Geometry and Point Cloud optimization criteria for achieve the best precision possible.


Connection Validation

The pipe connection tool is capable of validating if two pipes can be connected together or not, which helps minimize incorrect connections.

The following video shows the tool rejecting the connection of two pipes. At first the two pipes might seem to be connectable. But when looking the piperun from a different angle it appears that one pipe was in fact missing.