Issue Exporting LAS file to a Format that uses US Survey Feet

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Product(s):Bentley Descartes
Environment: N/A
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Subarea: N/A
Original Author:Felix James, Bentley Technical Support Group


Problem Description

LAS files that were originally scanned in Survey Feet can be imported in Bentley Descartes retaining the same units. There is an option to use Survey Feet in the attachment options. However, the resulting POD file should not be exported using the LAS option. Currently Bentley Descartes will export using metres as the default unit. Attempts to export to LAS will result in the new LAS file being shifted from the correct origin.


When Exporting a LAS file select the XYZ ASCII format. This will give the option to
select US Survey Feet as the preferred unit ensuring that the scan position
remains unchanged.