Error 339 when starting up HevBanner

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical and Electrical Designer
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


After installing Hevacomp, attempting to start the software results in the following error:


This error message occurs when one of the components (Resize32.ocx in this case) contained in the Hevacomp prerequisites is not registered successfully. This is usually due insufficient Windows Permissions.


Hevacomp V26

Note that the prerequisites are included in the v26 installation file. Thus they may be partly installed so it would be advisable to firstly run Hevacomp as Full Administrator (right-click on the Hevacomp shortcut and select Run as administrator) to attempt to force through the registration of the missing component(s). Should this prove unsuccessful you should:

Hevacomp V25

Note that the prerequisites are not included in the v25 installation file, and must be installed beforehand. Thus it is likely that the prerequisites installation has not been installed. In this case: