Netsys warning - No flow in pipe

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


When sizing a pipework schematic, you are presented with the following warning:


This message is generated when the system find an open ended pipe section in the schematic. The pipe section where the issue is first caused is highlighted accordingly

 In this scenario, it is easy to track down the issue. An outlet has been deleted and left an open ended section

 In some instance, however, it may not be so obvious.   Here we have the same message and what appears to be the same pipe, but there are no missing outlets.

 In this scenario, a pipe has been overdrawn by another pipe section leaving an unconnected section. To remedy, delete the indicated pipe and select regen from the Zoom menu. This will highlight the problem. You can delete the stub pipe and draw the main pipe section back in.