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ATPAutomated Test Procedure(s). A complete suite of tests (numerous unit tests) scheduled to be performed automatically between each internal product build producing a report that can be compared with previous build report(s) to detect and address on any quality issues found. As new bugs/defects are reported, new unit tests are created for those conditions and readily added for future automated test runs and reports.   
BDNBentley Developer Network. For more information feel free to Contact BDN
BugA verified product incorrect behavior or defect; being assigned a unique reference number for tracking and reporting purposes
Backlog Item (BLI)A product feature Idea (e.g. MicroStation Ideas), Request or Enhancement; being assigned a unique reference number for tracking and reporting purposes
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BIS Glossary - Key BIS terms used in the documentation
Digital Twin BIS Abbreviations - Standard Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Naming Rules (BIS, EC, ...)

CRUDCreate, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD). Provides classical Insights, Grouping, or Examples to illustrate proper relation and use of possibly disparate API functionality (objects, classes, functions or structures).
SMESubject Matter Expert (SME). A technical or development resource having practical, design and/or in-depth technical experience in the domain of the subject.

Definitions (Concise definitions provided with links as-needed to formal definition(s).)

Clean Install


  1. Try running both the Product Install and Product (once installed) using Run As Administrator - first. Doing this can often resolve and provide necessary permission an installer requires and may not obtain running other ways. After running the Product once as Admin ensures most post install steps have permission needed to complete and starting the product after as a standard user have the highest chances to succeed.
  2. For Microsoft Windows applications having issues Installing or UnInstalling consider running Microsoft's Cleanup Utility (Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed).

The process of ensuring the closest approximation of completely new/fresh/clean installation of all software and data required; without the presence of any prior user or application installed or induced "traits" or "behaviors"; that can often prevent software applications from performing their expected functions properly otherwise.  A clean install could be installing software on a new operating system distribution.  The more common case of requesting a clean install could also mean to uninstall all suggested/recommended software (often only one application), then confirming that no Program, Application, User Data, or Registry entries remain an interfere and contribute to proper software operation.  Uninstalling an application and deleting Program, Application, and User Data folders is most often sufficient to help verify a clean install helps resolve the prior issue(s).  If the issue(s) persist an additional step may be required to ensure the registry is (further) cleaned and/or if errors prevent installing/uninstalling software, running the Microsoft's Cleanup Utility (Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed) can also help ensure a "clean install"as well.


Process of stepping through source code, setting breakpoints, or general tracing or troubleshooting techniques to better understand and isolate a given problem.

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Custom application code entry points that if present are processed early in the MicroStation startup processing permitting custom applications to provide early non-graphical operations, present custom file open dialogs or custom workflows needed using applicable MicroStation APIs; currently: Native Code C/C++ APIs (via MS_INITAPP variable, or -WA<mdlappname> command line option).  

Related Note: The MicroStation VBA development environment also initializes early in MicroStation's startup processing and provides a convenient startup entry point: OnProjectLoad; that can be considered for similar custom MicroStation VBA startup processing needs.  For more information see: Launching VBA Applications As Initapps Or Dgnapps [CS]

Test Case

The act of providing all Exact Software and OS Version Numbers and an extremely simplified lowest common denominator stand-alone data set (least: design file(s), element(s), configuration and/or compilable code project, Product and Operating System versions/patch levels) and Steps to Reproduce the Issue; allowing others to quickly and readily reproduce an exact issue with the highest level of success and help provide timely assistance, work-around, or resolution needed. Equally important in the process is to ensure your test case data is clearly demarcated using either a: a.) Good and Bad, or b.) Before and After; naming convention whenever possible.  These steps are essential to ensure proper identification of a problem, the best chance to reproduce, recommend, and/or resolve a given (complex) issue.

When your test case is ready for review either: a.) Zip and Attach it to your original post, or b.) zip and use the Secure File Upload option when working with technical support.


  1. When taking the time to submit a (minimal data and complexity) TestCast to Bentley for review, consider using the MicroStation Package Wizard to collect the primary/master design file and all related dependencies.  Doing so is likely to save significant time upfront if one or more of those dependencies are needed for Bentley to reproduce the issue.


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