External doors missing from BRUKL report

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


In certain circumstances, external doors will not appear on the BRUKL document.


The following scenarios can cause doors to be missing:

  1. HVAC system set to "No heating or cooling"
    If a zone has no HVAC system then the SBEM calculation engine has no requirements to consider the U-value of external surfaces in that zone.

    From the current iSBEM user guide, page 127:
    "NB: Note that the Building Regulations compliance check regarding U-values will be applied by the tool to all envelopes which are not adjacent to a ‘Conditioned adjoining space’ or ‘Same space’. Also note that the tool will not check the U-values of elements in unconditioned zones for compliance."

  2. Door has been defined with 50% or more glazing
    Any door with 50% or more glazing will be treated as a window by the SBEM calculation engine.

    From the current iSBEM user guide, table, page 26:
    "When doors have more than 50% glazing, then the light/solar gain characteristics must be included in the calculation. This is achieved by defining these doors as windows. (Otherwise, they are defined as opaque doors.)"

  3. Door has been set to the incorrect type in Surface Data in Design Database
    Check that you have defined your project data correctly.