Import Image Collection and Orientation in ContextCapture

In ContextCapture Master or ContextCapture Center Master

1) Create a new ContextCapture Project and select the Project Name.

2) Click "Options".

3) In the "ProjectWise project" section, click the "Associate ProjectWise project" button.

4) In the “CONNECT Project Chooser” dialog, select the ProjectWise Project where you have been granted ProjectWise ContextShare's "Use" permission.

5) Click "Assign".

6) Go to Block > Import > Import block from ProjectWise Contextshare...

7) In the "Import block from ProjectWise ContextShare" wizard:

7.1) Select the reality data of type ContextCapture Orientations you want to download and click Next.

7.2) The next page of the wizard shows the reality data of type ContextCapture Image Collections that will also be downloaded.

7.3) Optionaly change the Download directory at the bottom of the page.

7.4) Click "Import" to start downloading the selected block from ProjectWise ContextShare.