Compliance report is not generating - option is 'greyed out'

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
 Area:Design Database
 Subarea:Part L


In some very rare instances the PartL program will not produce a Compliance Report, and the Compliance Report radio button is greyed out. Other reports - including the Energy Report are produced.


First of all you should check if the project can be calculated successfully on a colleagues computer. If this calculates succesfully then this may point to an issue with your installation. Load the project on your computer again and run the calculation. Once run, open the project folder and look for a file called


Open this file with Notepad and look towards the bottom of the page and see if there is an "Error Loading BRUKL.DLL" message (as indicated here) - if this message exists then you should follow these guidelines and perform a clean installation of the software. Ensure you follow all of the steps.