How to check out licenses for offline machines

What is the purpose of this information?

For extended offline scenarios beyond the offline period of products (i.e. usually seven days), Subscription Entitlement Service provides the capability to reserve, or check out, licenses.


How do I check out a license?

Step 1: Generate the license file

1. Open the Subscription Services Portal. Only users with Admin or Co-Administrator roles can access the Portal.

2. Click the Entitlement Management tile under Support Service & Administration Resources.

Entitlement Management tile

3. On the Entitlement Management site that appears, select License Checkout


4. On the License Checkout page, click on Create New Checkouts to expand it.

Screenshot showing Create New Checkouts

5. In the expanded section, enter the name or email address of a Bentley login associated with your organization. To specify an email address, choose Email from the drop-down menu. In either case, select one of the matches that appear as you type.

*Please note: The user specified need not be the recipient of the license file. We recommend specifying the recipient if he or she has a Bentley login since the name will appear on the Active Checkouts list. Otherwise, specify the administrator generating the license file.

Screenshot of New License Checkout fields

6. If checking out a license for a product using the Subscription Entitlement Service, leave the SES radio button selected. Otherwise, select the SELECTserver radio button instead. Note the fields will change when doing so.

7. In the Machine Name field enter the computer name of the recipient's computer. The computer name can be retrieved from the System control panel.

8. Under the Select Applications section, enter the name of a product. As you type, a list of search results will appear. Choose one from the list. Multiple products can be added if necessary. Then click the Add button.

9. Enter a four-part version number in the Version field for each product listed. This should match the version number of the product on the recipient's computer. It will be recorded on the Active Checkouts list for administrative purposes. By default, Entitlement Management will attempt to check out a license for one year. To specify a duration less than a year, modify the date specified in the Select Expiration Date field by clicking the calendar widget. Once finished, click the green License Checkout button.

Screenshot of version information

10. The browser will prompt to download a license file with either a BELIC (for SES) or XML (for SELECTserver) extension. Save it, and transfer it to the recipient's computer.

License file download

11. For verification purposes, the checked out license will now appear in the Checkouts list with both a user name and computer name. Expand the listing by clicking the carat to see the product, version number, and expiration date for the license.

Note for Accounts with Global Entitlements

With Entitlement Country set to "Global", license checkouts are not permitted.

In order to process a checkout the user must change the checkout country to an actual country, typically the country the end-user is in (not Global).

Checkouts of Global entitlements are allowed without the actual entitlement being explicitly listed under a given country.


Step 2: Importing a license file on a client machine

1. Transfer the generated license.belic file to the recipient's computer.

2. For SES-based products, import the license file via the Bentley Licensing Tool. For SELECTserver-based products, import the license file via the License Management Tool.

Please Note: CONNECTION Client will still prompt for sign-in but can be safely dismissed. The product will function if a checked out license is present.

Step 3: Checking in a license from Entitlement Management

Licenses will automatically check in once they reach their expiration date, but administrators can check in a license early if necessary by clicking the green icon with arrow as shown below.

Screenshot demonstrating Check-in License button

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