SES User QuickStart Guide

What is the purpose of this information?

To provide the basic steps for any user wanting to use a Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) product, who only needs minimum explanation to complete the registration and installation process from start to finish. It is possible that some of these initial setup steps have already been completed by your administrator. In which case, please skip to the next step.

* Please Note: This does not include alerting, users and groups, and license check-in/check-out.  The detailed process is outlined here for those that may need additional instructions or want to configure these options.

  1. Register as a User
  2. Install Applications
  3. Open CONNECTION Client
  4. Create Password
  5. Open the Application
  6. Be Productive !

Step 1 - Register as a User

Determine your user level: 

User LevelDefinition
A single user who is the Fulfillment contactYour contract designates you as an Account Administrator with download rights. Therefore, you are already a Registered User and can proceed to step 2
A single user who is not the Fulfillment contactYou can register yourself by using the Individual User Registration Process.
An Account Administrator for your entire OrganizationYou can use the Admin Registration process to add all of your users.

For all other users, please contact your organizations Account Administrator.  

To find your Account Administrator, go to CONNECT Center and select ‘How are you CONNECTED?

*Please Note: You must be a registered user to access the CONNECT Center.


Step 2 - Install Applications

Download and install the Application that uses Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) for licensing, "SES" will be in the name of the download. If you do not have rights to download, please contact your Account Administrator , who will be able to either grant you the "Product Delivery - Download" role via User Management, or supply you with a downloaded file.

Installing an Application that uses Subscription Entitlement Service licensing  will automatically install CONNECTION Client as well. if you are running an older version, install the latest CONNECTION Client (this can be done thru CONNECTION Client itself, as CONNECTION Client recommends updates to SES applications installed on your system). Bentley occasionally deploys new versions with bug fixes or new features, so it is important to be on the latest version.

Step 3 - Open CONNECTION Client

There will be an icon to CONNECTION Client in your system tray    , you can also open via your Windows Start Menu - 

Sign in using the email address. If you do not have a password, see below.


Step 4 - Create Password

If you do not have a password, create your password by using the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option in the CONNECTION Client.


Step 5 - Open the application

Open/Start the CONNECT Edition SES application.


Step 6 - Be Productive!

You may now begin using your Bentley application.

For any technical issues with this process, questions can be posted to the Communities Forum or a Service Request can be filed.

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