01h. How to import Material from one AutoPIPE library (ex. En13480) into a model that has a differen

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How to import Material from one AutoPIPE library (ex. En13480) into a model that has a different material library (ex. B313-16)?


When selecting the piping code, the default material library would be automatically defined after selecting the piping code and year settings. These default libraries are specifically formatted and contain material values necessary for the selected piping code calculations. Therefore, since all material libraries are not formatted the same, nor contain information necessary for every piping code / year combination, one should not select any material library. Highly suggest to only select a default material library or custom material library specifically tailored for the piping code / year settings. Selecting any other material library could severely affect analysis results. 


Current Model Piping code = ASME B31.3 - 2016, but user needs EN 13480 code material in the model. 

Question: Can the user just select any En 13480 material libraries (ie. EURO2002, EURO2009, EURO2012, etc..) from the general model options dialog, when the piping code = ASME B31.3 - 2016?

Answer: NO!

Available options:

a. Assign NS (Non Standard) material to a Piping ID and copy pertinent material information from a different material library.

With the current model open, start a second instance of AutoPIPE,

1. In the original open model using B31.3-2016, open respective PipeID when material information is needed select Material = NS

2. In the second instance, open a model using Piping code = En 13480, configure a PipeID that has the correct material settings. 

Next, copy the material properties from EN to B31.3 Non Standard material.

Be sure to update those values that are temperature related. 

b. Update ASME material library to include EN materials, 

c. Change piping code from ASME B31.3 to EN 13480.

If the user needs EN materials then maybe better suited to use an EN code for analysis? Confirm possible limitation of selected code calculations per material use. 

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