ASME BPV-III-1-NB, AutoPIPE Nuclear Piping Code FAQ

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Rules for Construction of
Nuclear Power Plant Components Division 1,
Subsection NB, Class 1 Components 

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Comments, Questions, and Answers on ASME NB Piping code in AutoPIPE

Allowable issues

Does AutoPIPE automatically multiply by the product of the weld in the stress indices (per code requirements) ASME NB-3683.2A ?

Ratchet allowable, is Sy the minimum from each load pair considered or the lowest Sy from the whole set of load cases analysed

> Calculate average Sm value

> Override value not used in calculating allowable, why?

Eq. 10 issues

> Calculate the allowable for Eq 10

Results from ASME NB Eq 12 + Eq. 13 stresses don’t equal Eq. 10, for a specific transient pair

> Eq 10, allowable hand calculations are 2 times reported values

Eq. 10a issues

> Non-repeated Anchor Movement (e.g. Building Settlement)

Eq. 13 issues

Eq 13, different results between different code years

Fatigue issues

Class 1 NB fatigue analysis, results shows the usage of the highest alternating stress range, and not the remaining stress ranges, why?

Stress Indices & Flexibility factor issues

ASME NB-3683.7 Stress Indices, does AutoPIPE use the Bend / Elbow properties (O/D and t) or the preceding pipe properties (O/D and t)?

> ASME NB Bend Stiffness and Pressure stress around a bend, does AutoPIPE use the Bend / Elbow properties (O/D and t) or the preceding pipe properties (O/D and t)?

ASME NB flexibility calculation (k)

Thermal Stress Ratchet issues

For calculation of ASME NB - 3653.7 Thermal Stress Ratchet, does AutoPIPE perform this check per code requirements?

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