Forrtl: severe (64) - Input conversion error

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The following occurs when importing a model into AutoPIPE:


Forrtrl: severe (64) - Input conversion error, unit 95, file...



The problem may be using the wrong version of AutoPIPE to  open the CAESAR file.  Please see the following  limitations of AutoPIPE and CAESAR here.

Recommend using on of the following solutions:

Solution #1:

Reset your "User Profile Path", restart AutoPIPE, and try to reproduce the issue again.

Solution #2:

Convert CAESAR file to a format that can be read by the AutoPIPE version in use. Refer to above information for details.

Solution #3:

Manually fix the file by opening the CAESAR CII file in Notepad and follow the instructions below.:

Older builds of CAESAR 5.3 have an issue with $CONTROL section - where location of a variable was incorrect. This is a known issue - that is also mentioned in release notes of CAESAR. Following is an example of the problem with the new variable that is in the middle of the CONTROL card instead of the end.

Data generated by CAESAR II / Neutral file interface Ver 5.30,  9/10 #$ CONTROL

You can fix it by either changing the #$CONTROL card by moving this new variable to last row or
Data generated by CAESAR II / Neutral file interface Ver 5.30,  9/10 #$ CONTROL

Solution #4: 

Install latest SP2 of CAESAR 5.3 before exporting CII file.

Please note that any CAESAR models exported from CAESAR 5.3 will have this problem unless Service Pack 2 or higher of CAESAR 5.3 is applied.

Solution #5: 

As of Jun 2021, AutoPIPE supports importing caesar 2019 (v11) file format (note - match the version of AutoPIPE in use with ceasar file format being imported).

If you are experiencing problems importing a CII file:

1. Suggest to save caesar model back to version format supported by supported by AutoPIPE and then import that file into the software.

2. Contact caesar tech support / development, demanding a feature be added to write *.CII file format to version supported by AutoPIPE. Keep in mind that Bentley's AutoPIPE can save our models back to every version format used throughout our history of the program (see File> Save-as> AutoPIPE (*.DAT)).  

3. If you reached this point, please log a Service Request mentioning this WIKI. 

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