EN13480 Piping Code Calculation Issues

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Comments, Questions, and Answers about EN 13480 Piping Code Calculation Issues

Item #1: Hoop Stress Allowable is 0.00 (zero) for a piping system analyzed

Item #2: SIF calculations at TEEs are all the same when analyzed per EN13480 -2012 piping code

Item #3: Calculation of fa (allowable expansion stress range) for austenictic steel 1.4301 X5CrNi18-10 is difference than hand calculation

Item #4: Hoop stress appears to incorrect per code equation

Item #5: Calculation for pressure extension stress

Item #6: Floating Code Stress Results dialog has Note 1: Material outside temperature range

Item #7: Is there a feature to choose a damping ratio dependent on the particular frequency?

Item #8: Results for Creep Rupt = 0.00, Blank, or not printed

Item #9: Calculate Time Independent Design Stress, f

Item #10: Combination that meets EN1340 12.3.4-2, Tau 4, Press and Moments for Sustain +Resultant moments from Thermal expansion

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