DNV Piping Code Calculation Issues in AutoPIPE

Note: Please see the following AutoPIPE help section: 

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Code Compliance Calculations> select a piping code to see the calculations performed by AutoPIPE.

Comments, Questions, and Answers about DNV piping code calculations in AutoPIPE

Item #1: Von Mises stress calculations results are different than automatically calculated ASD

Item #2: DNV 2012 references a new definition of bending, but AutoPIPE help is different

Item #3 ASD results are lower than the hoop stress results

Item #4: Difference between general stress results and user Von mises results

Item #5: Results for DNV code combinations Collapse and Prop Buck are 0.00 or very small

Item #6 DNV 2012 Results Options dialog

Item #7 DNV 2000 availability

Item #8 Explain Load Controlled Buckling check “stress value” and "allowable value”

Item #9 Which category should be chosen to accommodate DNV-OS-F101 standard. section 5 "DESIGN – LIMIT STATE CRITERIA", D 600 Local buckling combined loading criteria

Item #10: Max Utilization Ratio for combined load case was less than Max Utilization Ratio for a single load case 

Item #11: Calculate the Forces and Moments to evaluate the "DNV local buckling category"

Item #12: Pressure consideration for DNV limits v/s stress design “ASDC”

Item #13: Are manually calculated SIF / SCF values used in DNV 2012 ASD calculations?

Item #14: Use AutoPIPE for Ultra deep water analysis

Item #15: ASD 2017 code calculation

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