RAM Elements - View Control [FAQ]

 Applies To 
 Product(s):RAM Elements
 Version(s):13.0 or later
 Area: User Interface; Graphics

Why are the yellow lines for members shortened at the nodes? 

The lines are drawn slightly short of the nodes so that the nodes are clearly visible in line mode.

In the fully rendered view you can see the members full length (or shrunken).

Why are the nodes not visible?

See [[Nodes Not Displayed in Graphics Window]]

I have a small model and the support icons appear very large, how can I make them smaller?

The size of the nodal support, member hinge and other icons is typically adjusted based on the overall size of the model, but the user can force the icons to appear larger or smaller. 

To control the size of the icons go to the e menu (file menu) and pick General Configuration (this is under File - Settings - General Configuration in the CONNECT Edition). On the Display tab, uncheck the box for  Data and Results - Automatic Scale and then enter a number >1 to make the icons larger, <1 to make them smaller.

How can I rotate the view?

In order to rotate the view, click and hold the right mouse button, then drag the mouse to dynamically rotate the view.

Note, in RAM Elements, the Y axis typically points upward and this axis is always plumb on the screen. For most structures, the +Y axis should represent the global up direction. 

If you find the rotation is too fast or too slow for your liking, go to the e menu - General Configuration and on the General tab, adjust the Mouse rotation sensitivity slider.

How can I Save a View?

In Ram Elements you can save a particular type of view including the angle of the view, the zoom, perspective settings and display options. To do so, first adjust the graphic as desired, then right click on the view and choose Customized Views - General - Create. Provide a name for the view, check the desired attributes to save and click Create.

These general views work across all files.

The program also allows you to save model-specific views. To do so, again adjust the view the way you like it. Then right click on the view and pick Customized Views - Current Model - Create.

In addition to the attributes mentioned above, Current Model views also store the active selection set and any hidden members for instant recall.

To recall a saved view, simply right click on the graphic and pick the saved view by name from the Customized Views.

I have a high resolution monitor, how can I make things easier to read?

See [[Ram Elements - Adjusting Text Size in Spreadsheet]] for tips on adjusting the size of the cells in the spreadsheet.

For RAM Elements CONNECT Edition, on most high def, 4K monitors using the recommended 200% scale works best.


How can I make the on-screen text easier to read?

At the bottom right corner of the Ram Elements window are the controls for increasing or reducing the text size on screen. 

Just to the left of that is the control for units. By unchecking the Show units option, more significant digits are shown, filling roughly the same screen area.

Using Larger or Smaller units under Units Configuration can also affect the displayed number of digits. For example. if the axial force in a column is -2471.45 pounds, switching to kips changes the display to -2.47 kips which is shorter.

Regretfully, there is no other user control over significant digits displayed.

How can I view the design properties, things like unbraced length?

From the View Ribbon menu, in the Design Toolbar, select Design Properties and one or more of the options:

Note, for unassigned default values (0) nothing will be shown on screen. Only user specified values are plotted.

How do I change the scale of the deflection multiplier?

Click on RAM Element button in the top left corner and click on the button 'General configuration'. Then select tab Display and change the deflection multiplier as shown in the screenshot:

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