I do not see the Install, Readme or Exit tab when I run the installation file

 Product(s):STAAD.Pro, RAM Products
 Environment: Windows 10
 Area: Installation

Problem Description

I am running  the installation file and I cannot see the "Readme" , "Install" or "Exit" buttons typically located at the bottom of the installation window.


In Windows 10 systems, the default text size is set as 150%.


You will need to change the text size to 100%. To do this, right-click on your monitor, select "Display Settings" , drag the cursor in the text setting to the left to change it to 100%. Click on 'apply', you will get a notification to restart the machine to take the changes in effect. Click on ok , once the machine reboots, run the installation file again and you will be able to see the install and all other tabs at the bottom of the window.