02e. "Hydrotest" - AutoPIPE Load Case

The Load> Hydrotest command enables the user to define the hydrotest conditions of a piping system. A hydrotest is a common method for testing the integrity of a piping system before it is put into service. In this test, the piping system is filled with pressurized water and checked for leakage, etc. The Hydrotest option permits a simulation of this scenario. Please note that the AutoPIPE Hydrotest option automatically converts all spring hangers into rigid supports to simulate the holding pin which is still in the spring hanger during the hydrotest.

Note: AutoPIPE 10.01.xx and higher, see the following AutoPIPE help section:

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Bentley AutoPIPE> Supplemental Documentation> on this page scroll down to see a hyperlink for "Hydrotest Tutorial"

Comments, Questions, and Answers

Item #1: V-stops are not allowing lateral movement during

Item #2: Non-linear analysis method

Item #3: Report: Hydrotest load case settings

Item #4: High results values

Item #5: AutoPIPE V8i and higher new hydro test method

Item #6: Allowable K Factor = 0.9

Item #7: Allowable: user defined

Item #8: Allowable value calculation

Item #9 Please select a valid test pressure case for B31.3 test pressure update

Item #10: Difference results between the Normal Sustain load (ex. Gr+MaxP (1)) and the Hydrotest Sustain load (ex. Gr+MaxP (2))

Item #11: Apply more than one hydro-test analysis sets

Item #12: Hydrotest load are not applied on a segment

Item #13: W88-24: Allowable based on cold yield Sy may be un-conservative

Item #14: Gravity load case results weigh more than the Hydrotest gravity load case results

Item #15: Change test pressure and temperature

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