Operation is not supported on this platform

 Environment: XP & Below
 Area: General
 Original Author:Payel Sasmal, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

Message "When I try to run a module, I get the error message "operation is not supported on this platform."

There have been cases with RAM, STAAD & other Products , when user is trying to run a module, he/she gets this message.


This error message pops up if you are trying to run the applications in a non-supported platform. For example XP does not support Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. Most of the latest RAM modules and STAAD products use this as a dependency.

Windows 8.1 has Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 preinstalled; on Windows 7 you need to install it (it is embedded in the installation files) and it is not supported on Windows XP and less. So, newer version of RAM and STAAD products will not run on machines with Windows XP operating system.

Please install it in a Windows 7 or 8 OS.

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