Zipping a Model

 Applies To 
 Product(s):RAM Elements; RAM Connection; RAM Concept; RAM SS
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area: File; Archive


RAM Elements can automatically save a single compressed zip archive file including the primary Ram Elements file (.retx), the analysis results (.fem) and any custom sections, materials or other database information required. 


To do this go to File - Save-as - Browse and choose the .zip format and select the desired file name and location.

Always send such a zip file or a BugReport file when submitting any service request, especially when the file includes custom data. 

If you want to open a zip file prepared by another user, use File - Open - Browse... and choose file type of .zip. 

Other Ram Products

Other Ram Application files can also be zipped. 

For Ram Concept simple right click on any .cpt file int he file browser and "send to zip". This will significantly reduce the file size. 

For RAM Structural System Starting in version 17.01, use Ram Manager - File - Save as Archive to create a backup file without analysis results. The save-as dialog will appear and the default file name with match the original with the version and date added as a suffix.

For Ram Connection Stand-Alone use a similar process to Ram Elements, steps below: 

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