STRAIT (PDS) to AutoPIPE Translator - Version history and Features

The following file is copied to the one of location when installing the application:

C:\Program Files\Bentley\AutoPIPE Translators\PDS Translator

C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE Translators\STRAIT\ 

Excerpt from the above file:

This enclosure contains a Software Tool for converting Intergraph PDS Model Neutral Files into an AutoPIPE Batch Neutral File (*.NTL) which can be automatically saved as *.DAT file and opened in AutoPIPE. Bentley and Users have performed testing on a number of test models and found good translation results. Any translation issues found please send to, subject “AutoPIPE” and we will fix and issue a patch for this translator in a timely manner.

User reference document updated. (installed with AutoPIPE

Removed STRAIT from program title and renamed to "PDS to AutoPIPE Translator"
Icon updated.
64 bit build.

#473903: Add user reference button on the program.

Fix #11095 Add support of long file names (> 8 chars)

Fixed problem with CTL card

Shortcut is created under a new program group Programs> Bentley AutoPIPE Translators > STRAIT 

               A new drop down list to select a version of AutoPIPE installed to open the translated file

Add support for reading line number from PDS neutral file

Add support for Transition Joint mapped to 2 flanges For all Rigid Bodies (RB) import weight as added weight

Write AutoPIPE material names with spaces

Read and map PDS material names with spaces

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