The Parametric Models Fails to Generate Mesh
First Affected Version:
 Found in Version:
Fixed and Released in Version:
 Area: Graphic User Interface
 Issue #:774900

Problem Description

The Parametric Models utility within the Geometry menu is failing to generate mesh.



Steps to Reproduce

1) From within Analytical Modeling interface, go to Parametric Models and try to create a new mesh by clicking on the corner nodes of an area.

2) Accept the default options and choose no when prompted to add an opening.

3) A message box with some weird characters appear and then another message box comes up mentioning that the mesh generation has failed. 


As of now the only workaround is to use the STAAD.Pro Connect Edition version or use a STAAD.Pro v8i version ( like ). You may also consider using Generate Mesh > Surface Mesh in lieu of using the Parametric Models, till the issue is addressed. 


The problem has been addressed in the STAAD.Pro Connect Edition Update 2.