Pedestrian Load - Applied on one side of the Bridge

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Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP CONSPAN/Precast/Prestressed Girder

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group - VM

QUESTION: How to make sure that pedestrian load is applied only on the Girders located on one side of the Bridge as the Sidewalk is positioned right above those girders ?


Pedestrian load is applied at  pounds per linear foot load and Conspan distributes this total load to each beam by tributary width factor. The load is analyzed in the same manner as a lane load.

Right now Conspan assumes equal distribution of load to all the beams but the user can input Pedestrian Distribution factor manually .

The user can apply Higher Distribution factor value to the exterior beams where in the Pedestrian load is applied Directly and relatively lower Distribution factor value to other beams.

This solution assures that the Maximum Pedestrian load is applied only on the Girders Located on one side of the Bridge where the Sidewalk is located.


 This is Just an example.

Please see the attached Screenshots for more information.