Modifying the Deck width in Bridge Component Layout Dialog Box

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Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP CONSPAN/Precast/Prestressed Girder

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group - VM

QUESTION: How to modify/change the Deck width in Bridge Component Layout Dialog Box when the input box under Deck Width is Grayed out?


Please follow the below mentioned procedure to change the deck width.

1) In Leap Bridge Enterprise .xml file the program does not allow the user to modify the deck width once the conspan module is upated.
2) Now if the user wants to modify the deck width then the user needs to close the Conspan module and click on GEOMETRY TAB.
3) Then in Geometry TAB user needs to check the box next to XSECT01 under Selection --> BR01 --> Roadway Elements.
4) On the right hand side the user can modify the deck width , for example the width was changed to 30ft for Template 0.
5) Then the user needs to click the small green button to make the changes permanently.
6) Then if additional Templates are there then the user needs to follow the same procedure mentioned above.
7) To check if the changes are applied the user needs to go to  Conspan module --> GEOMETRY TAB --> LAYOUT DIALOG BOX.
9) Now the user is be able to see that the deck width has been changed to 60ft.
10) But once the deck width is changed then the girder spacing changes and the spacing needs to be reassigned or recalculated.
11) Once all the steps are done please update the conspan module and then save the Leap Bridge file.

Please see the attached screenshots for more information.