Microsoft Windows Security Alerts on Windows XP

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 Original Author:Elisa Pry, Bentley Technical Support Group


MicroStation/J is presenting Microsoft Windows Security Alerts on Windows XP.


Although MicroStation/J will more than likely run fine on newer versions of Microsoft Windows some of the technologies delivered with MicroStation/J (e.g. Sun Java - used for Spellcheck, License Checkin/Checkout, and JMDL applications); along
with applying the latest Microsoft Windows updates; may introduce the need to apply additional Windows administration based considerations on the Windows client.

For instance, MicroStation/J was certified by Bentley to run on Microsoft Windows XP (no service packs applied) and earlier Windows operating system versions. However, when applying additional Microsoft service pack updates you can expect to receive improved Microsoft security warnings identifying network aware technologies; like Sun Java in all applications. A typical warning is presented below.

As an end user with Power User or Administrative local policy rights on the computer you can simply select the "Unblock" option to trust Bentley products (e.g. MicroStation/J) that have not undergone additional testing on newer Microsoft operating systems and enhanced service pack updates.

As a site administrator you can optionally rollout a logon script updating the registry similar to the following:

Registry Key:
ons\List Registry Value:


Value Data:
C:\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe:*:Enabled:MicroStation for
Windows x86

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