Auxiliary Coordinates different in views

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 Area: Coordinate Systems
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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Auxiliary Coordinates different in views.
The Auxiliary Coordinates (ACS) are different in each view.
Opening a file in V8i has different coordinates compared to previous versions.



V8i supports having an ACS per view instead of just per-model, this allows for better control over placement depth.
Unsnapped points are now always projected to the ACS plane (which will follow the active depth (AZ=)).
If ACS plane lock was not enabled for the file a default view ACS is created at the view center at active depth (when opened in V8i).

Solution details:
If settings are saved in the file in V8i.
1. Go to the ACS dialog (utilities > Auxiliary coordinates)
2. Right click on the active ACS and choose "Reset to Global"
3. Right click again and select "Set All Views"


If settings were not yet saved (or if pre-V8i behavior is desired by default) set the configuration variable:


With this set, the default ACS is created for a view it will use the one from the model instead of creating one to mimic active depth