Not able to copy a member or node or do a translational repeat

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Environment: ALL
Area: Modeling Solutions
Subarea: Geometry
Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


I am not able to copy a member or do a translational repeat. What could be the reason?


These problems usually can happen when the tolerance settings are not appropriate.

In STAAD.Pro Connect Edition 

Go to View > Display Options in the Ribbon Menu and ensure that the tolerance is not set to 0 or to a very high value. It is Ok to use a tolerance of 0.1 inch for English units and 0.001m for Metric units. Click on Apply and OK and try the copy or translational repeat and this time it should work fine.


In older versions of STAAD.Pro like STAAD.Pro v8i

Go to the top menu and choose View > Options. Choose Tolerance and follow the same procedure as described above.