Procedure to Break the Dependency of 2 load cases .

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Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP RCPIER/Substructure

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group -VM

QUESTION: How to separate the Dependency of 2 load cases (for ex : Braking force and Live Load )?


Certain load cases are internally dependent to each other , for example Braking force and Live Load .

The number of braking force load cases should match the number of live load cases.

Under LL generation dialog, the program allows generation of BR at the same time with LL.  Using this option will create equal number of BR and LL cases.

Dependencies are set as per AASHTO Code requirements.

However, the program allows breaking dependencies or creating new ones.

To separate the dependency In the Loads TAB the user needs to click on Combination options --> Parameters --> New window Combined parameters --> Click on Dependent Load case combination option--> Dependency Table button .

In the new window Loads Dependency Table --> Select BR Braking force under load case --> Under "Depends On" heading select NONE from the drop down menu . 

Please see the attached screenshot for more information.