Automatic drawing creation tools and workspace write privileges

Under default setting when we are doing automatic drawing generation OBM generates "DynamicViewSettings.xml" in "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CE 10.11\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Imperial Standards\Standards\Data" location.  If this location is locked for write privileges, you will get errors and the program may crash.  

To resolve the issue open "OpenBridgeModeler.cfg" and set the new path and file name for "OBM_DYNAMIC_VIEW_SETTINGS_FILE" variable.

This variable must not only contain a directory path, it must contain the “.xml” file also. Example:


Here is a place where the variable can be set … For OBM 2022 R1, open this folder and edit the "OpenBridgeModeler.cfg" file.

"C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CE 10.11\OpenBridgeModeler\config\appl"