Installation of several STAAD.Pro versions on the same machine

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 Original Author:Modestas Turulis, Bentley Technical Support Group

Can we have several different STAAD.Pro versions installed on the same machine?

One can have different STAAD generations installed on the same machine (V8i and CONNECT Edition), but different versions of the same generation cannot be installed on the same machine. I.e. version and cannot be installed together as both are from the same CONNECT Edition generation. However, versions and can be installed on the same machine as one if from V8i and the other is from CONNECT Edition geneartion.

With the same logic, you can install STAAD.Pro 2023 (version 23.xx.xx.xx) in the same machine where STAAD.Pro Connect Edition version 22.xx.xx.xx exists.

We strongly recommend you keep updating the version & builds to avail all the improvements and fixes made in a release.