Recovering STAAD model data

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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


Is there any way to recover the STAAD.Pro model data if my file gets corrupted ?


Other forms of the same question :


After the software crashed I am not able to open the file. The software would not let me open the file anymore saying the file is not valid. How can I get back my model data ?


My STAAD.Pro model file ( .std file) got deleted. How can I get the data back ?


Starting from STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition version, there is now an autorecovery option included in the software which would create a file named "" within the same folder as the STAAD.Pro model. This file would get created automatically in case of an abnormal shutdown. If you unzip the file, you would be able to get the .std file which would have all the data that the file had, till the crash. Alternately, when one opens a model after an abnormal program termination (crash), the software would show a message that the file got terminated abnormally and one can recover the data by choosing Yes to the prompt. One should make sure to choose that option to get back the model data.

STAAD.Pro v8i 

If the software crashes or the software is forced to shut down abnormally for any reason, normally the software would retain the information already there in the file. However if you ever run into a situation where you are unable to open the .std file and the software generates messages saying the file is not a valid staad file or if you find that the file size for the STAAD.Pro model file ( .std file) is reduced to 0 bytes, then you may follow the method described below to recover the model data using back up files.


Go to the folder where your model file is. There are two types of backup files which you may find,those with the extension .sbk and those with the extension .ed.backup.  Of these file types, locate the one with the most recent date and time and use that for the recovery process.


Create a new folder.

Copy ONLY the .ed.backup file or the .sbk file into that folder.

For a .ed.backup file, if you simply change the extension from .ed.backup to .std, you will be able to get back the STAAD.Pro model.

However if you have a .sbk file, simply changing the extension will not work as there would be some binary form of data at the beginning of the file which would have to be taken out first.

Right click on the .sbk and choose Open.

Choose the option to select a program from a list of installed programs and click OK.

In the next dialog box, you will be asked to select a program. Before you choose any program, ensure that the check box which says “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is unchecked.

Now select Notepad or Wordpad as the program and click on OK.

The sbk file will now open.

Delete everything in the file ahead of the commands STAAD SPACE or STAAD PLANE.

Save the file and close it.

Now change the extension from .sbk to .std and you should be able to open the file in STAAD.Pro.

.sbk file can also be found in the latest version of STAAD.Pro